Our Commitment

A globalised world that needs to communicate

New technologies and the globalisation of markets in recent years have greatly facilitated the ability to import and export, in fact in the last three years exports of Spanish companies have grown to 60,000 million euros per year. At the same time, imports of Spanish companies have reached 40,000 million euros per year.

At Attesor we help companies to participate in this exchange

If you want your company to be another one in this benefit-sharing, you need your business strategy to be accompanied by an excellent communicative strategy, able to transfer your message to other markets and to adapt it to the possible cultural differences that may exist in the countries which we address. At Attesor we have more than 1,000 professional translators and interpreters throughout the world with whom we have been working for years to help our customers to cross borders and reach new markets, promoting their business growth, international position and prestige.

Europe, North America and Asia. Our translators are in the countries to which our customers go to

The European market is the main export destination for Spanish companies, with the second being the North American market, and the third is the Asian market although it is true, this latter one is experiencing exponential growth in recent years.

We have translators for all these languages

If the one you are looking for does not appear on the map, do not hesitate to contact us for availability.

The security and confidentiality of our customers is one of our principles

We promote the culture of security

We are aware that the user is the weakest link, which is why we are committed to training and raising awareness of the importance of security in a company.

Periodic audits

Pentesting, ethical hacking ... we think it is essential to carry out audits on a regular basis to search for and improve potential security flaws in our systems.

Use of open standards

Today the use of open standards provides a very solid basis within the security infrastructure of corporations. It allows us to act quickly and securely to mitigate a security breach.

Encryption, backup, multi-factor, etc.

These are some of the different technologies and protocols that we use. We love it when our customers ask us how we do things, and we love to explain it to them.

Confidentiality with customers

All our customers have a strict confidentiality agreement. No type of information, whether partial or total, will be released or given to third parties.

Confidentiality with suppliers

All our collaborators must sign a confidentiality agreement in which they undertake not to disclose, either partially or totally, any information about our customers indefinitely, as well as to comply with the security rules established by Attesor.

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