Mission, Vision, and Values


We transcend borders We help to reach new goals thanks to the communications we provide with a highly qualified translation service that is technologically adapted to current market needs.


To ensure excellence through technological innovation, continuous training, and an out-of-the-box business vision that is broader, more flexible, and focused on motivation as a way to boost business.



We manage translation and interpreting projects with speed and efficiency.


We are committed to continuous training to stay fresh and expand our knowledge.


One of the Attesor’s pillars is the search for and consolidation of recent technological advances into our processes.


Each client and project is unique; we are flexible and adapt to them, empathising with their needs in order to provide the best solutions.

Personalised Service

People are the most important thing for us; that is why we offer one-on-one, close and personalised service.

Security and Confidentiality

We apply strict security policies to safeguard our customers’ information.

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