Corporate Social Responsibility

Attesor, in addition to offering the best quality language services also contributes to creating a community of highly trained and up-to-date linguists to cope with the most demanding market requirements. They comprise a community of translators, writers, and reviewers who work happily, take pride in their work, and have access to the best training. That is why we have a translator hub, including a physical co-working space and training classrooms, where courses of interest for the industry, debates, and all kinds of events are organised to promote a sense of guild.

It has been demonstrated that happy people work better and perform better; this is why we encourage networking. We help and support entrepreneurs through our support programme, and we encourage healthy habits through activities for postural correction in the workplace, exercise, and nutrition.

We collaborate with foundations and protect the environment, promoting the use of the electronic formats, by recycling and reusing materials.

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